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Solero Bakery

f you are looking for the perfect food for breakfast, lunch, dinner or snacks then Burek is for you. Burek is a pastry filled with cheese, vegetables, or meat and surrounded by a flaky and delicious phyllo dough crust. At Solero, all of the burek we make is top-notch, and the reason comes down to one word: tradition. Burek is a food with hundreds of years of history; recipes passed down from generation to generation, and we want you to experience that history every bite. Our recipes start with fresh, quality ingredients and are handcrafted to assure that everything from the flaky phyllo crust, to the savoury fillings, are perfect. Even the lamb and pork for our meat burek comes straight from the butcher and is roasted inside our bakery. Our team of European bakers then use their skill and expertise to hand-craft every burek we sell so you can enjoy the authentic taste and texture you simply can’t get with machines

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