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Everyone, meet…well…this Norwiegian Elkhound! As he is still 3 months old, his Everyone, meet…um…this Norwegian Elkhound! As he is still 3 months old, his person is still in the process of pouring over lists of Norwiegian names searching for something that suits him. Pet Uno staff will only suggest that it be something courtly as this dog projects an energy which is, in a word, regal. The Pet Uno staff member writing this post will forever remember the look of equal parts disappointment and withering condescension he was subjected to after approaching this puppy with a small stuffed pig and squeaking it repeatedly to see if it activated the tiny creature’s “prey drive”. As it turns out, the Norwegian Elkhound was bred to track and hunt Moose, Elk, and Bears none of which are particularly squeaky animals which may explain why the puppy then wandered off into the store seemingly in search of someone slightly closer to a peer in terms of intellectual development. After finding that his person was totally engaged with the selection of training treats he finally laid himself out on the floor in front of the cashier making it look remarkably like a raised dais where he was better able to observe and monitor the short-comings of the cashier who had previously taken such an undignified interest in the high-pitched pig toy. Even though he seems to find the floor staff slightly disappointing, we think this little creature is a perfect delight and we can’t wait to have him back beautifying our little pet supply store.

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