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Maro's Bistro

Marwan (Maro) Al Chamaa is a no-bullshit lover of all things culinary, an experience that involves so much more than food. Though his eponymous restaurant happens to be in one of Canada’s wealthiest cities, his roots find themselves deep in the humblest of beginnings in Lebanon. With a penchant for innovating on what he deems possible, his mind constantly races to imagine different experiences for him and his patrons to enjoy. Having come from building up the average shawarma spot, he firmly believes that even our most familiar dishes can evolve. In a different context, serving a diverse range of palates, his ever-refined menu continues to cater to people of different backgrounds, preferences, and lifestyles. There’s no pretence here; he doesn’t claim to serve the best traditional Mediterranean dishes, but he does promise to surprise taste buds, using ingredients not commonly found in his ancestors’ pantries. It’s the amalgamation of the flavours and techniques from his past and present-day travels that inspire the dishes his guests enjoy, day after day.

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