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Capoeira Bamba Toronto

Capoeira is an Afro-Brazilian martial art developed in the 1500s by African and Indigenous slaves in Brazil as a form of self-defense from their oppressors.

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Millennium Of Martial Arts

Millennium Martial Arts is the perfect place to learn martial arts such as: Aikido, Jujitsu, Tai-Chi and Self Defense Millennium Of Martial Arts in Vaughan was created in 1997

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Arun Martial Arts

Arun Martial Arts(AMA) originated in Mississauga, Canada in April 2020 having its roots in India for the past 35 years. The proud founders of Arun

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Budo Kombat

To position practitioners with Foundational Knowledge, Technical Skill (both mental & physical) and prowess in multi-dimensional Martial Arts striking and related defense principles which can

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Mississauga Taekwondo

We offer free trial classes for ages 5 and up. Taekwondo is a Korean martial art suitable for boys and girls. Free parking and bus

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Kate Warriors Canada

Little Warrior (Beginer)    Our little Warriors are taught to be disciplined, follow instructions, but with great elements of fun and visual learning. We educate

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Burtnik Karate

WELCOME TO BURTNIK KARATE Our kids learn karate, we don’t spend our time playing kids games. These are fun classes taught in a serious environment

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Kuma Arts Karate-Do

“Only those with a higher ideal than learning to fight will find karate interesting enough to persevere in the rigours it entails.” GICHIN FUNAKOSHI 1868-1957

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